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Antique Lamson Cash Carriers

Wow! Try and find info about these on the web. I guess I have best American source of info on Lamson Cash Carriers. The very best site is from Andrew Buxton in the UK. I got interested in these by seeing complex pneumatic tube systems as a kid in Chattanooga, TN. I saw some of the cable carriers in later years and picked up a few bits and pieces in antique malls. I just recently found out about the Electric Cable Cash Carrier systems of the early 1920's. I really want to try and get some info on what still exists out there and see what I can pick up along the way!! Lamson systems are so rare they almost have little value as no-one is collecting them.

I have acquired several Lamson items including:

1. A working wire carrier system (wooden cup on pulley shown below). Click    SEE VIDEO (AVI file)
2. A complete working motorized Cable Cash Carrier System (silver carrier below). Click
3. A complete basket carrier system, but I have no place to set it up (need high ceiling).
4. A Bronze terminal from a pneumatic system (tube shown below). Click

A quick history lesson with PICTURES. Click
I have scanned some original Lamson books which are fascinating (links not completed yet).

Link to Andrew Buxton's site on cash carriers in the UK. Click here

Lamson Cable Carrier   Lamson Cable Carrier mounting apperatus

Lamson Electric Cable Carrier Cup  Old Lamson Sales booklet  Pneumatic Tube

I want to create a list of where these vintage Lamson (and other systems still exist)!!

Personal remembrances from Sam of Virginia Beach (submitted 6/1/2008)

"I used to travel the Midwest of the US with my dad. I remember the cash carrier systems very well.

 Except, there was a basket that was launched by a preloaded spring to an elevated cashier at the rear of the store. The clerk would simply place the record of the transaction along with the money, pull on a wooden handle, and the basket would whisk its way to the cashier. When the transaction was complete, the cashier would launch the basket back to the point of purchase. It was simple, effective and worked well. The only real drawback I can remember is the network of cables originating at the counters and running up to the cashiers. It did not make for an uncluttered overhead.

"I found a cable cash carrier as the one I described a few years ago in an old variety store in Smithfield, Virginia. It worked perfectly and was still in constant use. I had a long talk with the store's owner about it. He was surprised I knew anything about Lamson, etc. I don't know if the machine or the store are still there.

"We have seen some interesting contraptions in our lives. The Lamson system was one of them.

"Of course, when I worked in a hospital in the early '70s a Lamson tube system move paperwork and even prescriptions all over the hospital. I can remember the hospital PA announcing that, '...the Lamson tube system is down, please don't try to use it...' "

Lamson system maintained as it was used until 1980. Historica Plus Antique Center  Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Historica Plus Antique Center
234 E. Market St., Clearfield PA.
They still have the 4th floor credit office using the Lamson system maintained as it was used until 1980.
Lamson Wire Line Stouts Shoes Downtown Indianapolis, IN Money and shoe box carriers
Lamson "Air-Line" cash carrier system

Photos and History on their site.

Yellowstone Mercantile Sidney, Montana

Next to the desk housing their business computer you will find an antique Lamson "Air-Line" cash carrier system attached to the ceiling still in full operation! The cash carrier system, which first became operational in 1915 when the Mercantile first occupied its present building, harkens back to a long ago age of retail business; long before individual cash registers were made available in each area of most department stores.

attached to the ceiling still in full operation

Weaver's Department Store 

901 Massachusetts St.
Lawrence, KS 66044 See images

Pictures of the Weaver's Cash Carrier System by Mr. Flannery and Harlan Miller email him at
harlanmiller (at)

Lamson Engineering NZ Ltd  
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 I know lots of theses are still in small towns across the country; please send me email on what you know is out there. Send me a picture and I will post it. Share your knowledge and this site can be the best resource for preserving this bit of retailing history!!

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