NCR catalogue from around 1909 0r 1915

Ed- This register was used in Dept. stores and is not ornate but I believe it is rare.


Handle Operated Total Adder.

Standard lever arrangement shown below.


No. 143. Price, $175


The above register is operated by setting the amount levers and turning the handle, and does 9 things in one second:


1. Rings a bell.

2. Unlocks cash drawer‑ store.

3. Throws it open.

4. Adds sales in one total.

5. Prints on original sales slip for customer.

6. Prints on duplicate sales slip for the store.

7. Prints on stub for auditing purposes.

8. Cuts off stub and deposits it inside the register.

9. Resets mechanism for new record.


The artistic design of the cabinet and the neat clean-cut appearance of the register add greatly to the attractiveness of the store.


This kind of register is built principally for department stores. It gives cashiers and auditors a positive check on the money taken in and quickens service.


Register is also used in connection with systems for dining cars, heat, light, and power companies and public-service corporations.

A reduced facsimile of Sales Slip with figures printed by this register.