NCR catalogue from around 1909 or 1915

Ed- This machine is very rare.


Electrically Operated "Straight" or "Stub" Ticket‑Printing Total Adder.

No. 811‑E or No. 814‑E. (Electrically Operated.) Price, $210.


(If Handle Operated, Price $160.) Six sizes of this kind of register are made.

Prices from $75 to $210.



It has 4 number keys, 5 price keys, and 1 release key.

Any number of tickets from I to 5 of the same amount can be issued at one time. Other combinations of prices may be had.


The above register is operated by pressing clown the keys, and does 3 things:

1. Adds amounts into one total.

2. Adds "1" on ticket counter.

3. Prints and issues from one to five tickets.


It saves money on cost of tickets.

Provides speedy system. Large numbers of patrons can be han­dled without crowding.

Business is balanced when last ticket is sold. Total cash must agree with the adding counters.

Employees do not handle tickets; no opportunity to collect and resell tickets.

Five differently priced tickets may be issued by the same register. Money must be recorded on adding counters before ticket can be issued.


A reduced facsimile of "Straight" ticket printed by the No. 811‑E.

A reduced facsimile of "Stub" ticket printed by the No. 814‑E.


Every register is made of the best material by expe­rienced workmen, and is guaranteed for two years. It quickens your service and protects your money.