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The Cash Registers Collectors Club of America

 The club is open to any individual interested in cash registers (any make) and cash register memorabilia!


The purpose of the Cash Register Collectors Club of America is to foster an interest in the preservation and collecting of antique cash registers. To provide both collectors and other interested persons a resource for obtaining information relative to repair, restoration, and preservation of these antique machines. Also, to provide a forum for the discussion of the various aspects of collecting cash registers and to provide a mechanism to track the relative rarity of the various models and types of machines. The club should be of benefit to both advanced collectors and in particular should be useful to new collectors who will now have significant resources available to them to help them get established in this hobby. It will also provide a means for collectors to trade machines, obtain both original and reproduction parts and obtain restoration services if desired.

You get:

Quarterly newsletter: The Bronze Idol
Semi-Annual meetings
Free listings in newsletter of items you want to buy-sell-trade
(Item must be cash register related and is subject to space availability and editorial discretion)

Thank you for your interest in our club. There is a yearly membership fee due July 1st of U.S. $30.00 or USD$40.00 for international which must be paid to gain access to the website and other members-only publications.

Please go to this link to join: Cash Registers Collectors Club of America

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