What Pattern is your National Cash register?

Did you know that Tiffany studios in NY designed some NCR case styles? It's true, you may own a piece of Tiffany Bronze!

The best way to try and let you know what pattern you machine is with pictures and model numbers. This is a big job so it may take me awhile to fill in this page.


This table is for NCR only! Click on Pix to enlarge.

Pattern Name

Some model # (not all)




Wide scroll




Very early machines

Narrow scroll

 2,3,5 many others


Somewhat rare


Signature scroll




Scroll pattern spells out "National Cash Register"

250 scroll



Somewhat rare



128,129,130, 135,137,138,144, 147


Somewhat rare

Cast iron case

Side view photo

Art Nouveau

128,129,130, 135,137,138,144, 147


Not common but not rare

Bronze or cast iron







 5,7,8, many others


Fairly Common

Side View photo


300 class machines of all sorts, many many model numbers

Most Common

Note dolphins on Top sign. Pattern designed by Tiffany

Chicken Scratch Background



Somewhat Rare


Conservative Bohemian

171-188, Lever machines




Crank scroll

Crank machines



Looks like scroll pattern above.


Crank machines

 Very Common

Pattern designed by Tiffany.

1000 class floral

Drawer action machines




1000 class geometric

Drawer action machines


Very Common


Click on Pix to Enlarge!


There are some other patterns and if you don't see your NCR pattern here this could be a good sign as it may mean you have a rare item.  Contact me for an appraisal!

Now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to describe your machine. It is time to start looking at what special items your machine may have.


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