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I started collecting brass National Cash Registers because I am an engineer and enjoy things mechanical.  I also enjoy the beauty of a restored brass register with their Tiffany styled cases. These mechanical marvels and their plain metal successors are a tribute the ingenuity and skill of their creators. Not many examples of this intricate mechanical era are still available on the antiques market.

I have been collecting National Cash Registers since 1990 and have acquired a very respectable sample of interesting machines. Below are a few pictures.

The 3 machines in the foreground include model #2, #50.25 and #8 with clock.

National Brass cash registers Display 1

National brass Cash registers single     G L Bedster Cash registerSherman Fish Market Cash register

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Ok folks, here it is 12 pages on everything you need to know about your ornate National Cash Register. Including  original Owner's Manuals and early NCR catalogues showing your register! Check them out!
(Some pages under construction, see below to contact me for an appraisal of your National Cash Register)
1. Know you Model and Serial number of your National Cash Register.

2. What is your machine made of and what finish does it have?

3. What is the case pattern of your machine?

4.What principle is your National Cash Register machine?  Crank, Lever, etc.

5. Does you machine have a top sign and/or name plate (and how to spot a fake)

6. What about those special qualities?

7. To restore, or not to restore, your machine.

8. Basic and broad based value info (limited info)

9. Tips on how to unjam your National Cash Register

10. Original Brass NCR Register Owners Manuals!

11. Original NCR Catalogues of Registers! THIS is a MUST SEE!

12. Articles I have written for the CRCCA Newsletter! (under construction)

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You can date your register by serial # by clicking here.

I am a member of the Cash Registers Collectors Club of America founded in 1997. I am also a major contributor to the quarterly newsletter, submitting articles on restoration tips.

You simply must join if you are interested in registers: Click here to find out how!

Do you have an old NCR you would like more info on?

If you send me some e-mail I can give you some tips or a quick estimate on your brass or wooden machine. Please remember I do not know much about later style registers.

I need to know Model#, Serial#, finish, special features (top sign?), condition of case, drawer and operation, plus information from label under drawer etc.
OR (preferred) if you want the full Monte.. I can do a more formal appraisal including

  1. a complete description of what you have,
  2. insurance (replacement value), and what you could expect to sell it for.
  3. Plus some tips on the options for selling and the pro's and con's of each.
  4. I will reply via email with an attached Microsoft Word file with your photo included. Unless you specify another format.
  5. Usually I can reply within two weeks. OR (much faster) I can do a telephone appraisal and call you and tell you about your register and answer your questions .
  6. I will need photos (jpg format) of overall front, side, back and with lid and drawer open.

I will charge a nominal service fee of $20. Please use PayPal service to send payment.
We can do business via US Post Office (snail mail) if you wish or need to send regular photos.
All Checks must include your email address for proper credit.  Or use Paypal here:

(Paypal) # of Registers you need Appraised by phone?

The best reference books on National Cash Registers are The Incorruptible Cashier Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (Vol. 2 is best for new collectors) by Richard L. Crandall and the late Sam Robins. They should be available to order through your local antique shop's book section. They are expensive books ($40) and very hard to find (out of print).

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