Below are scanned/converted copies of 1900's Original Cash Register Catalogues. These are very fascinating as they show how NCR promoted the features of each register. You should be able to find your register somewhere in this set of links with exception of the brass 1000 class drawer operated registers and the brass lever operated registers. If you have a wooden autographics or receipt writer look here.

Currently I have 2 original catalogues scanned and broken up into several links each. The early 1898 catalogue was over 124 pages and has most of the 2 and 3 digit model numbers machines. This catalogue is early and before the reclassification of 1908 where NCR renumbered all their models mostly going to 3 digit model numbers.

The 2nd catalogue was not dated but must be from around 1909 (or 1915) and shows only one or two of each of the types of registers with several of the 400 and 500 class crank registers shown as well as floor models. If you have one of the these look here.

This took me hundreds of hours to put together so enjoy.

I will try to add others in the future. Please do not email me for others. I will post as I get them. I do not plan to do later plain registers from after 1920.

NCR 1898 Cat. Introduction and terms and descriptions. Everybody should read this!

NCR 1898 Cat. Wooden Desk Autographic Registers. Models #200-204.

NCR 1898 Cat. Autographics (metal receipt writers) Models #223-233

NCR 1898 Cat. Combination Desk Autographic. Model #205

NCR 1898 Cat. Detail Adders. Models #0-19

NCR 1898 Cat. Total Adders of the 33 principle. Models #30,31,32,33,34

NCR 1898 Cat. Total Adders of the 35 principle. Models #35-51. These are same as 300 class registers.

NCR 1898 Cat. Total Adders Combinations of the 33 adn 35 principles. Models #63,64. These are very rare.

NCR 1898 Cat. Total Adders of the 79 principle. Models #75-99. These are the same as 400 class registers.

NCR 1915 color Cat. Detail-Adders. Models #215,216,225,226. Nice collectable machines.

NCR 1915 color Cat. 300 class total-adders. Models #310,311,312,316,317,320,321,322,323,332,333,346,347,349,367,346-2. These are some of the most common registers still around today.

NCR 1908 color Cat. Dept store handle machine. Models #143. This is a rare machine.

NCR 1908 color Cat. Stub Ticket Printing machine. Models #811-E, 814-E. These are rare machines. I have never seen one.

NCR 1908 color Cat. 400 class crank machines. Models #441,442,444,445,452EL,462-2. These are common today.

NCR 1915 color Cat. 500 class large crank machines and floor models. Models #542,543,522EL-2,554,544,552,593,598,594EL,594,598,562,572(4)EL,572,597(2)9-EL,599(5)9EL. These are the big boys of the collecting world. Still fairly common today.

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