How about your special Brass Cash Register qualities?

NCR registers often have bits and parts which are special or rare. This is a long list and having one of these qualities may make your machine more desirable or maybe not.

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Here is the list:

A. Top signs/name plates (see the top sign page)

B. Printer

C. Clocks


D. Drawer pulls


E. Gallery Rails

This is a great special feature of the early NCR's. It is a rail that runs along the front of the coin shelf just below the keys and just above the drawer. They are generally only found on early detail adder principle machines. The Gallery Rail (GR) is considered mainly decorative in function but on machines with high drawer spring forces, it could be used as a finger hold to push the drawer closed.

GR came in two styles: 1. A small spiral tube with end caps and 2. A less common pressed rail with lion's heads on each end.

GR are rare overall because they were only put on early machines with a metal coinshelf. When NCR reconditioned machines they often replaced the metal shelf and GR with the more modern (and desired) marble & rosettes!

GR are a highly desirable special feature and can easily add up to $200 on the value of a machine.

Reproductions in both styles are available, but are only appropriate on certain models. GR were sometimes on the following models: 2,3,5,6,33 and others. Please let me know if your model has one and I will add it to the list.

F. Glass keychecks

H. Metal shelf/marble shelf

I. Metal or wood trim base

J. Flash

K. Solid top vs glass across the top

L. Money weights/ metal coin box.


400/500 class (crank machines) special features

M. Time Printer Clock

The time printer was a large 24-hr clock with moving printwheels indicating the time of day. When a receipt was printed by the machine for the transaction, the clerk could take it and insert it into the time printer and smack the stamper.

The timeprinter was located on the left front of 500 class machines. If a machine had one but it is missing, there will be a square brass frame where it should have been located. (the square brass frame on the right front would be for an autographic). There are two varieties of timeprinters: Front facing and Side facing clocks.

These are $1000-$1500 premiums on a 500 class machines. They are not reproduced but ink ribbons can be obtained.

N. Paper Wheels

N. Motor

O. Lights

P. Multiple drawers

Some general items

Q. Original keys

R. Original paper labels

S. Other original documents or parts or how about an original shipping crate!

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